As a Kauae Cemetery board member, I'm disgusted at the low life scum who vandalised headstones last week.

There must be drug or alcohol issues involved as no sane person would surely frequent a cemetery, a sacred, spiritual and historical place, after dark.

I hope the police are successful in a conviction as the trust has developed and improved the access to the cemetery, improved the roading and more is planned.

Visually the whole site on Mt Ngongotaha is now more open. Vigilance by the public like the support with fly tipping of rubbish will result in the low life being apprehended and I encourage people to speak up. Someone knows who did this and I encourage those who know to come forward.


I'm happy to be advised confidentially if that's needed.

Cr Charles Sturt

Tait column disappoints

I usually enjoy reading Merepeka Raukawa Tait's column.

However, I was disappointed to read that she has jumped on the homophobia band wagon in relation to Israel Folau (Opinion, April 25).

From her perspective, just one of the words (and all on the list are wrong in Jesus' eyes) spoken by Jesus and repeated by Folau on social media, has become highly offensive.

If she had picked the word "adultery" or another on the list, would she have still judged him to be a nasty, self-righteous man?

Yes, Michael Jones is another Christian rugby player and great role model. A good example of a follower of a loving God. But if you have read Israel's testimony entitled "I am a Sinner too" online written April 18 you will see he is, also.

He loves and respects all people. God is a God of love. (That, we may like). But likewise, he is the Just Judge referred to in the Bible.



Jan Stevenson

Bring on the elections

In just over six months, Rotorua will be in the midst of local elections.

Some fresh faces have already put their names forward and this is great to see. I can't wait for the meet-the-candidates functions.

I was pleased to read Kevin Coutts has decided to run independently (News, April 27).
It concerns me, when I see other candidates standing as a group, and I ask, will they also be comfortable in making their own decisions?

Our City Focus area was demolished and replaced by a conglomeration of concrete along with a green cycleway that has done absolutely nothing to enhance the CBD. I wonder how those councillors, who approved of this costly project, are now feeling about the way they voted.

We need councillors who are there for the right reasons, which is to maintain our city, and not there to make a name for themselves. It is really hard to watch the council debt rise with so many projects half started and even more in the pipeline.

Pauleen Wilkinson
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