Deputy mayor Dave Donaldson, economic development leader, states that improvements to facilities such as Kuirau Park, the Lakefront, Whakarewarewa Forest and the museum will provide impetus for new housing (Local News, January 10).

Since when has the choice to relocate or build somewhere been influenced by flash tourist facilities?

Quite the opposite for many people. I'm thinking of family members who moved to Wanaka and Tekapo when they were quiet towns and now regret seeing their towns full of traffic, overrun with tourists and with so many of the new builds being Airbnbs.

I would have thought that, in addition to housing, an appropriate job, good schools, good healthcare, adequate parking, good roading with minimal traffic congestion (so don't look Eastside!), cost of living and personal safety would have been much higher up the list.


I doubt a $40 million lakefront would make any difference to the selection process.

Clean, tidy and well maintained town and recreation areas, yes. Flashiness, no, especially if you knew that the minute you arrived, you'd be paying for it.

The spatial plan also states that the CBD is too big and needs to be reduced to create vibrancy. Oh dear. Does that mean that the council's much touted and exorbitantly expensive Inner City Revitalisation programme has been another of this council's abject investment flops?

Paddi Hodgkiss

Show was a shocker

Jim Adams got it right, (Letters, January 8). The Royal Variety Show comedians were a shocker.

The trouble is that Brits spend a large percentage of their time indoors watching TV.

They are programmed to clap and get excited at every joke, however weak and ineffective.

We were fortunate to have some of the great entertainers - Billy T was just one but they made elderly ladies split their corsets with mirth.


Alf Hoyle

Comedians now too PC

"Where have all the comedians gone?" Jim Adams asks.

Simple we have become so PC and afraid to offend anybody we cannot laugh at ourselves anymore.

Give me a good old Dave Allen or Benny Hill joke any time.

Ross Allen

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