Rachel Stewart's views on Brazil's President-elect [Jair Bolsonaro] are understandable, for someone living in the New Zealand bubble.

But Brazilians live in a country the size of the USA where it takes 10 years for a legal case to come to trial, even a murder case; where 95 per cent of taxes are funnelled into politicians own bank accounts, where there are almost no non-corrupt judges.

It is a country where there is no infrastructure spending unless officials are bribed. Where every municipal and federal post is farmed out to friends and relatives, where the police require payment to investigate crimes. Where there is no government health-care to speak of.

Against such a backdrop a military intervention isn't a bad idea, especially as the army already police the streets. It isn't about freedom, it's about survival.


GJ Philip

Lakefront project a no-brainer

Spending $40 million on the waterfront is worth it if the result is instrumental in connecting our inner city with our lake.

It is even more of a no-brainer as Rotorua residents are getting a "two-for-one deal" via Jones' slush fund.

Yes, we are also taxpayers, but as we share that burden with four million others - this is clearly a good deal.

The video of the proposed lakefront shows a lot of nice features, but what is missing is how this upgrade will enable private industry to connect the lakefront with the city centre.

So come on council - show us this piece of the puzzle!

Ra Cleave