What a refreshing, delightful, warm and positive story you ran on the front page on October 2 about the rubbish truck fan.

Personally I get very tired of the crime, hard luck, negative stories we are constantly bombarded with. Yes, I know they sell papers but liberally peppered with a few warm fuzzy stories is so more uplifting and inspiring.

It may even inspire a few others to offer a nice gesture to someone else – be it young or old.

Keep those positive stories flowing.
Kate Gore


Having just visited the Rotorua Peace memorial Gardens in Centennial Park, I am in awe at how beautiful they look this year.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the trees have grown so much in size over the years, it seems like they are ascending to new heights. The recent landscaping is an additional bonus and shows promise of even greater things to come.

All that I think is missing however, is the acknowledgement of the Prince of Peace himself; King Jesus. This seems appropriate in such a garden as this and even more so, because our country was founded on Christianity.

Perhaps Rotorua Lakes Council could commission a statue of Jesus from a local artist.

It would go perfectly in the centre of the memorial, right next to the lotus flower.
Jessica Newman

I would like to see an end to private landlords; government or councils should be the only people allowed to rent out homes.

I hope the new laws will make all private landlords sell up- they are not real landlords, merely 'get rich quick' people wanting to play the stock market but not having the nerve, so they turn homes into commodities, thus forcing house prices sky high and causing rents to become untenable.

It should be written into the constitution that people must have the right to buy and own a home at a fair and reasonable price, that is the only way to have a stable community with workers who can afford to live on the wages they earn.


Not having to worry about a place to call home will alleviate the stress and help to make life better for families. Ultimately the general welfare of children, mothers and the wage earner will benefit from having this crushing stress foisted on them just so that landlords can make money.
Jim Adams