Rotorua Symphonic Band treated their audience to a delightful concert at the Shambles Theatre on Saturday afternoon.

Guest artiste was local singer Evelyn Falconer who, as she always does, added to our enjoyment of the programme.

We are fortunate to have these musicians in the community because these people generously give their time and effort into such worthwhile productions. Thank you, all of you.
A Masters

So Steve Hansen wants funding from the government for the All Blacks. Okay, let us look at this for a moment.


First of all, the All Blacks are New Zealand, mention New Zealand to any foreigner and they automatically say All Blacks!

Now many of our thriving businesses are making fortunes on the back of the All Blacks, it is the sheer prowess of this team that, in my opinion, gives New Zealand the prestige that boosts our country above so many greater nations - they give us pride and substance.

I would go further and tax these companies just so that the All Blacks and Hansen get the funding they need!

The players themselves deserve a good wage for the hard work and injuries they put up with. They are 10 times the men the UK footballers claim to be and they get a fraction of the money! Not fair.

If we want the glory that the All Blacks give us then give them the money. They deserve every penny!
Jim Adams

I have just finished reading the article by Merepeka Raukawa-Tait about the Aussies chucking out Kiwi crims.

Some of her comments I do agree with, especially when she says, 'they fill our prisons and cost the taxpayer millions of dollars each year to house them'.

But other comments upset me, like when she says, 'we have to own them and everything they do and stand for'. Why?


We have become used to them and their criminal activity but does it have to continue?

It would be different if they actually did good deeds but that would be expecting too much from their ilk.
Rod Petterson