Lucky with clubs

How lucky, are we, in Rotorua, to have so many clubs etc. There is no need to be bored or lonely – for that matter – when most, are within a 10-minute drive.

U3A is just one example of how a group of people can come together and enjoy a morning of fun and laughter.

U3A is like a carousel with many interest groups below the canopy; every two months these interest groups come together to be entertained and learn about a subject according to the speaker chosen.


Recently (Wednesday last week) it was great to see a big turnout for the AGM; maybe the quiz beforehand was part of the motivation, but happy smiling faces were abound.

So, a big thank you to the chairman, Peter Wood, and his dedicated team on the committee who go out of their way to make these meetings an enjoyable experience.

Pauleen Wilkinson

Lakefront tired but doesn't need $19.9m

So, our council, under advice of paid for consultants and some senior staff, have voted by majority, to spend $19.9 million (to be added to our debt), on stage one of a Lakefront development.

The council has been presented with a multitude of plans over the past 30 years - all at considerable cost with no action taken to date.

I agree the Lakefront looks tired at present but, in my view, not because it isn't fit for purpose but rather lack of maintenance is the real cause.

We do not need to spend anywhere near this amount just to get rid of the Soundshell and Scout Hall. After all, who really benefits from the disposal of these structures?


Peter Bentley
Rotorua District Councillor

Surprise at gang member's actions

While driving along a busy Rotorua street, my family and I watched a patched Black Power member stop and assist an elderly man with a walking stick to cross the road in safety.

Gangs, in general, receive a bad press. And it is usually justified. This gave us food for thought on a cold wet day.

Jackie Evans