Rotorua teachers share why they became teachers in the first place and why they decided to strike.

I'm a teacher because I am passionate about children and learning.
For us yes it's about pay but also equally about what's happening in our schools.
Lynette Jones, teacher for more than 25 years
Selwyn School

I became a teacher to teach the next generation, to prepare them for the future.
I'm striking today because we do way too much work for not much pay but most of the time we do it out of love.
Rehua Mihaka, teacher for 14 years
Whangamarino School

I love teaching. We've always had teachers in the family. It was something I always wanted to do. When I went into the profession it was put out it was going to be a bright prospective future. It's been a lot more challenging that I thought. There's no balance.
Miu Phillips, teacher for five years
Rotorua Primary School


I became a teacher to try to make a difference. Teaching to me is an honour.
I'm striking to be part of a collective. We're stronger together. I'm striking to get the resources and funding our kids all need.
Carol Sievers, teacher for 10 years
Kaitao Intermediate

I'm passionate about the success of our children.
I'm striking so that we can stand up for what we deserve because teachers work so hard.
Leonie French, teacher for two years
Kaitao Intermediate

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