As chairman of the operations and monitoring committee I have had no communication from correspondent Tracey McLeod regarding footpaths in the Glenholme area.

She will note the expansion of dual cycle/pedestrian footpaths in the vicinity of Glenholme School as a direct result of submissions from the public seeking better access to the city.

If McLeod calls me to identify the footpaths in question I would be more than happy to visit and arrange a review, if needed.

As McLeod will acknowledge, the highest priority is for high usage areas and I wouldn't want to be accused of putting in new footpaths when a priority list based on usage isn't evident. Be proactive not reactive.
Charles Sturt
Rotorua district councillor


Scooter in trouble

I would like to add my voice in agreement with Harold Hunts (August 4). For years now I have been complaining to the council about the state of the footpaths between Owhata and town.

My mobility scooter got stuck while I was crossing the road at the lights along Te Ngae Rd. The dip between the road and the footpath is too deep and if it wasn't for a young Lakes High School boy I would have been in big trouble.

Maybe if members of the council were to travel between the airport and town on mobility scooters they would see how dangerous it is. Maybe they would also stop spending our money on artwork and start to put the money into things that really matter.
Jacqui Cornish

Money for hostels instead

I was right about the place being awash with money... $18 million for the arts for example.

Our choice of how to spend money shows our true priority.

If Rotorua Energy Trust and other funding sources choose, a new hostel could be afforded, benefiting many young people who do not need a whole house.

Once we had YWCA and YMCA hostels and it's obvious we still need similar hostels.
Diane Calder