I see that there are people still driving and using their telephonic communicators.

This week, I note, the police have been having a purge on this and other bad driving habits.

Well, the time has come to get tough because the softly approach doesn't appear to be working.

I would like to see, not only tickets being issued, but the police also confiscating the telephones as well.

The owners could then pick them up from the local police station once the fine has been paid. Any phones not collected after say three months can be destroyed.

I would think that this idea would soon sort out those who drive and text or phone while driving.

Imagine, a person could lose all of the other bits and pieces on the phone, either for a short time or for good.

You may think this is a step too far but remember this has been an ongoing issue and people have died because of people using the phone while driving. (Abridged)

Derek Packham
Lake Tarawera

Take responsibility

Finger pointing – the act of blaming someone for a problem instead of trying to fix it or solve it.

It is time Rotorua Lakes Council took responsibility for its "financial woes" instead of trying to blame Dr Reynold Macpherson.


The special effort the council has gone into trying to be "transparent" into the alleged cost Macpherson has cost the council, should be the effort they undertake in all their financial endeavours.

How much did the cost compilation cost the ratepayers?

Can we rely on the accuracy of the alleged $237,337 cost, given that the council has continually reassessed its rising Mudtopia loss, only divulging the information after Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act requests?

It is important to remember there are always two sides to every story. True or false?

We need a watchdog and whistle blower to ask the hard questions, as the ratepayers don't want to hear any more excuses or listen to a blame game.

Accountability – the obligation of an individual or organisation to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner, including money or other entrusted property. Who do you trust?

Tracey McLeod
Lake Tarawera

Double standards

New Zealand has great holes in its morality when we fuss about convicted criminals having to share a room, and at the same time refuse to provide a roof ... let alone a bed for street sleepers.

Diane Calder

The money is ours

Reynold Macpherson costs the Rotorua Lakes Council nothing (Local News, July 6).

Macpherson is the ratepayers' champion and as such he is looking after the interests of the ratepayers of Rotorua.

It is our money, not the council's and if he causes it to be spent while looking after said interests than that is okay with me.

Perhaps if the mayor and council were a little more careful with the way they waste our rates, Macpherson would not have to become so involved.

We are just grateful that we have a man with integrity, knowledge, and the guts to fight for our rights.

It is high time that the current council and mayor were kicked out and their jobs are given to intelligent, caring councillors and a mayor worthy of the title.

Jim Adams