As a community we must do as bid by writer Jonathan Temm (Letters, April 12). We have three MPs here in Rotorua.

Lobby them to stand up and fight to retain the helicopter rescue service. Will they address the issue with our Prime Minister? They must. Remind her of those isolated at Murupara and beyond where she once lived.

I have a vivid memory of a call that went up many years ago for a helicopter pad to be built at our hospital.

I also recall a phone call the night after the official opening of it.


A grandfather on the line passing thanks for helping to save his little grandson. The helicopter had been able to take the child directly from our hospital to Starship children's hospital.

In the still of the night we had heard that helicopter go out. What a poignant moment and one which reminds me of how tragic it will be if we lose this wonderful service.

Jeanette Crean
Kawaha Point
Maori moves

One has to admire the shrewd manoeuvrings of the Maori Renaissance Movement. While crying 'racism' on one hand, they are busy cementing in place undeniably separatist privileges on the other.

Examples include public funding for Maori-only initiatives, such as education/scholarships, housing projects, health and welfare facilities, prisoner programmes, positions on government agencies, Resource Management Act consultation rights, co-management of parks/rivers/lakes and the coastline, te reo promotion, radio and TV channels, appointments on to local government committees/statutory boards, seats in Parliament, tribal charitable status despite all beneficiaries being related, and a special Maori Authority tax rate of 17.5 per cent.

But wait, there's more to come. We're currently funding lawyers for about 580 overlapping, tribal claims to our coastline and a local government push to entrench Maori seats on all councils.

It's laughable when the compliant media promote grandstanding comments from people like Taika Waititi, Susan Devoy and Lizzie Marvelly, who scream racism while embracing "separatism with privileges" as listed above.

New Zealand is fundamentally a healthy, multicultural society which is being totally undermined by the greed of politically powerful separatists. It will only be at peace when all mention of race is taken out of legislation.

Geoff Parker