At last there is the possibility that the council may come to their senses regarding their mud festival (Rotorua Daily Post, March 23 ).

Mayor and councillors had enough mud on their faces trying to import mud from a country with foot and mouth disease. And when tickets are given away for free in order to get a few kids near the mud, one can hardly call it successful. We ratepayers will never know the total amount this brain wave has cost us.


Climate change


In response to Rachel Stewart's "Journos, feel heat on warming" (Opinion, March 21) and "The climate science is clear", I am sure it is not clear after reading "CLIMATE CHANGE the facts 2017", published by the Australian Institute of Public Affairs.

All scientists agree that the climate is changing,and most agree that we have contributed to this, the amount of influence we have had is the debatable point, and the alarmists have had a field day with it. Al Gore being the "Superstar" with his predictions, none of which have proved to be correct.

Fossil fuels have improved our lifestyle and comfort immeasurably, let's not throw them out the window, at least not until we have a better and cost-effective replacement, and after 30 years of experience it seems to me nuclear is the best and safest answer.

Regarding the CO2 debate, we know that CO2 is necessary for life on earth, and that the planet was healthier when CO2 was 10 times what it is now, so why are we not advocating the production of more CO2 - answer, because the driving force behind the global warming debate is not science.