You don't have to park without a permit in a mobility parking space to inconvenience people with disabilities.

My wheelchair access ramp is on the passenger side so I try to pick mobility parking spaces at the end of the angle parks, so I am beside a no parking zone. It is illegal to park there, even when the wardens have gone home. If you do, I cannot access my vehicle to drive away. Fortunately when I parked along from Eat Streat on Friday evening and someone parked there I happened to be with someone who could drive my car out of the space for me so we were only held up for a few minutes. If I am on my own, don't be surprised if I set off your alarm or worse as I try to get in my vehicle.

Both sides may be a problem as some people must put their wheelchairs together beside the driver's door before transferring, and of course some use a ramp at the back of a van.

People with disabilities need the extra space around their parking spaces so please respect this.



I am very disappointed that the journalism surrounding the sudden death of Trish Butterworth recently is so lacking in respect for her.

Though I didn't know the lady, I have followed each Daily Post report on her sad departure and in each one Trish is referred to simply as Butterworth on numerous occasions.

Whilst reporters and journalists may think it's very cool and yuppie to simply refer to a deceased person by the surname, or is it ignorance, it grates with me.

Show some professionalism and respect for the family, friends and the lady herself and use her Christian name or title, it's not going to waste much ink!

This also applies to other reports I read in the Daily Post.


Editor's note: The Rotorua Daily Post house style is to use the surname only after the first mention of a person. This is in line with other NZME publications and ensures consistency across the local, national, world, business and sport sections. Many interviewees also prefer not to use honorifics. We acknowledge on occasion honorifics should be used at the editor's discretion and have taken this feedback on board.