We live in a democratic country, and because of this we can have referenda where every citizen can vote personally on important issues, each vote has the same weight, and we would all accept the outcome, whatever it is.

The people we vote for at elections, locally and nationally, fully support democracy, so they say, oh yes, provided the outcome is in their own interest. Unfortunately, as soon as they are elected they seem to forget that they have been appointed, but think they have been anointed. At the same time they instantly acquire an "I-know-best" attitude.

First and foremost they want to remain in power. Second consideration may be the country, and way at the end, the third consideration (if we are lucky) is the poor citizen.

Right now Winston wants a referendum on Maori electorates. If our politicians really support democracy and want to look after their voters, they ought to welcome this.



United needs to sell itself

Season after season I hear the same comments from the Rotorua United football coach. Well we lost half of our first team during the season, a lot left the club and we had a few injuries. Injuries fair enough but players leaving? Questions need to be asked. A good 17-year-old kid should walk into the team because the standard of Wai/BOP is woefully poor.

United wants to have a good look at itself and start selling itself and maybe poaching a few good players from other clubs. Otherwise it will be the same next season.