The recent violent drive-away shoplifter crime was mirrored by an identical one in Taupo last year, at a shop where I worked.

A woman grabbed some products and ran out the door to a car. Staff chased and grabbed the car doors, but the accomplice-driver reversed aggressively, nearly killing one of the staff who got caught behind the door.

Note to self: the goods aren't that important.

There are teams who work their way around the country doing this: they are ruthless professional crooks and you can't take them on.



Rotorua like post-war London

It is a lovely thing to walk around the town and look at all the lovely flowers -
Rotorua has got that right! It reminds me of London in the years immediately after World War II, all the bombed out buildings with lovely flowers growing amid the wreckage, much like Rotorua!


Bloomin lovely gardens

The gardens around town are lovely, especially now the tulips are coming into flower. I'd like to publicly thank the hardy workers who are out there in all weathers keeping our gardens looking a picture. How come those flowers survive and bloom even with all the rain we've had when mine have rotted, making my garden seriously un-spring like?