I acknowledge the shortage of housing stock in Rotorua, and so the possible need for a new housing development in the hills of Lynmore. I wonder how this will meet the need for affordable housing in our district though.

I suggest it will only meet a part of the housing crisis by providing affordable housing to those who want to upgrade, and those relocating to Rotorua.

I ask if this will address the real housing needs for the people of Rotorua. The non affordability of being able to buy a house. The not being able to afford high rents for housing.

Will central government acquire any of these sections for state housing? Will local government acquire sections for council housing? I think not.


There is a shortage of state housing for those needing assistance for affordable housing.
There is a long waiting list for council housing assistance, so long that applications to be on the list are no longer available.

We need to address not only homelessness, but poverty housing. Overcrowding, dampness and unsafe living conditions in housing.

Certainly, we must provide for our slice of paradise to be an attractive option for people to relocate to, but we must also ensure that all of us who live here have opportunity for safe, healthy and affordable housing.

Both central and local government have the responsibility for this. Wealth is in the wellbeing of our community, not only in development and speculation.


Poison in paradise
In my view M W Edwards (Letters, September 12) could hardly be more misinformed about 1080 and its use to defend our biodiversity.

If he were to learn what the poison actually is, what it does and the effects of its application, he would consider the current drop well worth the expense. Results of other targeted drops show a welcome return of native flora and fauna.

Long story short; read Dave Hansford's book Protecting Paradise. Now there's a man who knows what he's talking about.