I noted that in her column on December 16, Merepeka Raukawa-Tait said that "John Key knows when to go" and that "We don't see this often in politicians". She also ponders why they "hang around for years" rather than considering their "use-by date".

I agree with these musings and in addition think the same can be said for local government politicians. I see very little benefit in having mayors or councillors hanging around for endless terms, cruising along on the gravy train. I am sure a regular input of fresh faces and ideas would be more beneficial than same old, same old.

The US political process may be impossible to understand but they have got one thing right. Two terms and that's it. I would love to see this written into the Local Government Act.



I smiled at your correspondent R Macpherson's letter (December 21), in which he claims that council's PR activities are "manipulating public opinion".

In my view, the yellow signs campaign, organised by the Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers Association, was a blatant example of PR.

Moreover, this comprehensive, extensive and well-organised PR exercise continued for about a year prior to the October local body election. I trust that the public of Rotorua will not be again subjected in 2017 to this "manipulation of public opinion".


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