The resignation of Prime Minister Key should not be heralded as some noble act of succession or demonstration of commitment to family but rather seen for what it truly is, namely an exhibition of moral bankruptcy and a corporate style exit strategy which has the effect of rendering as valueless as Pumpkin Patch staff shares, the promises made to the people of Greymouth and the families of the miners entombed at Pike River.

Rather than make the fulfilment of the promise to do everything possible to evacuate the bodies from the mine, his last act of state, John Key wants to pack up his tent and disappear into the night.

I don't applaud anything but his leaving. I despise his falsity and failure to keep his word.

His legacy will be buried in Pike River along with his reputation, and deservedly so.



What a bitter, spiteful ungenerous cartoon on John Key (Rotorua Daily Post, December 6). Any leader who has served his country well deserves better from your paper. The cartoon says more about the sad mind of the cartoonist than about John Key.


I would like to acknowledge the tremendous effort made by a huge amount of volunteers for the Kids Tryathlon held last Sunday.

I have never been to any of these events as my grandchildren have not been old enough, but I was absolutely amazed at the organisation that went into making this day the success that it was. So many people helping the children get organised for their events and making sure they were happy and able to participate was absolutely amazing. My 7-year-old grand daughter was given a medal at the finish line like everyone else and said "this is my first medal".

Congratulations to all the volunteers and the organisers for a job well done!


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