I totally agree with J. O'Sullivan's remarks (Letters September 30) regarding the barbaric "games" of rugby and the morons who participate.

They are all brawn and no brain as they bulldoze their way through their opponents abusing their bodies to the extent that a lot of them are physical wrecks in later years.

These so called sports are not that at all, but businesses using mercenaries who sell themselves to the highest bidder.

Overseas visitors must wonder what sort of stone age country they have struck when they hear and see the primitive hakas for the first time.



What Farmers Market'? Where were the farmers? What a shambles! Okay the weather didn't help, but even had it been a bright sunny day it would have been embarrassing!

We have a good market every Saturday, what is the point of having something so silly as the one in the Focus? If you want to do something worthwhile to regain grace and favour Mayor Chadwick then I suggest you replace the Focus to its original glory - complete with helpful little building - and sails so that we once again have a nice shaded place to meet friends and greet tourists.


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