Like it or not, Rotorua and bikes are inextricably linked.

Cycleways have been in the headlines lately.

People come from all over the world come to ride mountain bikes on our trails.

The world's media will be at Crankworx again next month, while the Rotorua Bike Festival is currently in full swing and capturing the imagination of locals and visitors alike.


We published a letter to the editor last week where a reader wondered what happened when "the cycle craze" ended.

He compared it, in his view, to the "fads" for hula hoops, getting fit, running and walking.

I was reminded of that letter as my 71-year-old father and I joined the throngs riding our bikes along the smooth tarmac of Rotorua Airport on Saturday.

And I admit, I had a wee chuckle to myself.

Cycling is no passing fad. You only had to look at the hundreds of kids, some barely big enough to walk, who were excitedly donning their helmets and literally squealing with joy as they zoomed along in front of their parents and grandparents.

Those kids are growing up in Rotorua with a love of cycling.

Not all will become expert mountain bikers or competitive cyclists, but I am willing to bet a fair few will continue riding their bikes for exercise, fun and transport well into adulthood. And pass that habit on to their own kids.

The sheer numbers at the event (just one of many happening this week) brought home how big biking is in this city and there's no reason to suspect that will change.

Whatever you think about the way money has been spent on cycling in Rotorua, one thing's for sure - it ain't no passing fad.