We at the Rotorua Daily Post have just spent our first week in our refurbished offices.

It's amazing how revitalising a spruce-up can be. I really noticed it when we relaunched the newspaper last year, and this week staff have been buzzing with joy over their new surroundings. (If you ever visited our old offices you'll understand).

That's why it's so encouraging to see plans for a series of additions and improvements for the central city.

These are exciting times for Rotorua and the enthusiasm among local leaders for innovation and change is infectious.


That's key, considering a change in attitude and morale is as important as tangible improvements.

It's a virtuous cycle - enthusiasm and optimism spark change that boosts morale, enthusiasm and optimism.

The Raising the Bar campaign to highlight top quality service can only help in spreading these good vibes.

There is an impressive list of plans on the cards for the central city, with proposals for a tulip festival later in the year and Light Rotorua for Christmas among them.

Changes would also be made at key intersections, but the fate of one in particular needs debate.

The City Focus has its pros and cons. As a focal point for the central city, it provides a venue for performances and small events, a source for help and information and can be a handy meeting spot.

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But for locals and visitors trying to get around town by car, maybe heading for a particular shop or business, it can prove a major frustration, forcing motorists on to a particular route away from their destination.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of discussions on the Focus, poised to kick off at a public meeting next month about the CBD improvements.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about the changes. Email editor@dailypost.co.nz, text DP (space) your message to 021 241 45468 or comment below.