A little girl awoken by the jingling of her dads keys at the door as' />

It's a story about magical keys that unlock the most spectacular scenes imaginable.
A little girl awoken by the jingling of her dads keys at the door as he arrives home late at night from work, is mesmerised by stories of a chocolate biscuit factory, discovering treasure in the jungle and riding a woolly mammoth. This story is one that has a way of sending you back in time to your own childhood where dads' words and 'tucking in' at bedtime was enough to comfort even the most restless sleeper.

Written by first time author Sacha Cotter, this book is produced in both Maori and English. Cotter was raised in Kawerau and it was at the age of 7 when her then teacher Mrs Coles encouraged her into writing and she discovered the magic of writing stories.

And on reading Keys / Nga Ki, the possibilities of making magic with storytelling is very obvious. It is a warming and delightful read that can transport you back in time and even had me reliving the moments during my childhood where my dad would be leaving for or returning from nightshift and pop into my room to say hello or goodbye, reassuring me that he is here to care for and protect me.

I can imagine this story will resonate with thousands of children and adults alike whilst also triggering emotions of compassion toward those that cannot relate to this magic. Perhaps this is why the story, in my opinion, will leave a lasting impression.


Cotter is a library assistant who has taught in New Zealand and Spain as well as written a screenplay Wasabi Peas which was a semifinalist in the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2013. Illustrator Joshua Morgan is also a writer and designer and has worked on picture books, posters and album covers. He work with pencils, paints, textures and Photoshop to make picture book illustrations that recreate the wonder of childhood.