Ever wondered what foods those staying in Rotorua's isolation hotels crave most?

While those staying in isolation for the mandatory two-week period are well fed with breakfast, lunch and dinner, statistics released by Uber Eats show they have not been shy about ordering in as well.

Uber Eats has pulled insights from Rotorua hotel guests staying in managed isolation, who have now ordered from more than 30 local restaurants.

One in 10 orders to lockdown hotels in Rotorua came from Hell Pizza.


Thirty local restaurants have had their food delivered to hotels in Rotorua during the quarantine window using the Uber Eats app.

One particularly peckish customer ordered from the app 11 times while in hotel quarantine - including from Subway five times.

More than a quarter of all orders were from burger restaurants.

Rotorua's Saigon 60's Vietnamese Cuisine owner Betty Phan said: "The first month on board with Uber Eats has been a blast for our team."

"Uber Eats has introduced a new rush hour for takeaway orders, the systems are super easy to manage, and it is a pleasure to see our beloved spicy beef noodle soup discovered by our new customers on Uber Eats and it's become a top-seller item on the platform.

"With the number of managed isolation guests increasing in Rotorua, it will be interesting to see how the trend will change for us in the next few weeks," she said.

Uber Eats launched in Rotorua on July 1 and has been well-loved by locals, for just short of a month. In the coming months, Kiwis will see more cities jumping onto the platform.

Uber Eats head of New Zealand Elisa Janiec said: "As we've witnessed in Napier and Hastings, Palmerston North and Rotorua, new launch cities spark opportunities for restaurants and delivery partners from day one.


"After the strong showing in the newest Uber Eats towns we're going to be accelerating our launch windows for Queenstown, Nelson and New Plymouth. We are launching Uber Eats in these new cities so that 150,000 more Kiwis can have access to great food at the touch of a button.

"We also want to help local restaurants access new customers. For those who want to deliver, we can help unlock access to some extra cash to pay those bills too."

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