With lack of competitions and no cross-country running events over the early part of the winter months, a large number of local athletes turned out for the annual cross-country championships hosted by the Lake City Athletic Club.

These were held on Sunday morning over a 2000m lap course at Boord Park.

Despite the heavy rain during Saturday, underfoot conditions were excellent for cross country running.

Ava Fiske. Photo / Kelly Albrecht
Ava Fiske. Photo / Kelly Albrecht

The highlight of the morning's running was the clash between nationally ranked runner, Michael Voss and international ranked duo athlete, Sam Osborne.


Racing over 8000m, these two runners were stride for stride for the first three laps with Voss doing most of the pace setting. However, with about 1800 metres to run Osborne increased the pressure on Voss to establish a 5m lead which he was able to maintain until the finish to win by approximately 40m.

Peter Bloor. Photo / Kelly Albrecht
Peter Bloor. Photo / Kelly Albrecht

Other close finishes were in the 4000m when the Lash boys battled it out – Austin triumphing over Heath. In the 2000m first across the line was Cody Shilton from Elliot Castle with Ashleigh Randell being the first female across the line of the 2000m.

Across all three races of the various combined ages there was a very pleasing increase in the participation number over recent years. There was also a large number of enthusiastic supporters cheering on all participants.

Ashleigh Randell. Photo / Kelly Albrecht
Ashleigh Randell. Photo / Kelly Albrecht

Age group winners were:

Run events:
Under 12 Boys - Cody Shilton
Under 12 Girls – Arwen Barker
Under 14 Girls – Ashleigh Randell
Under 16 Boys – Austin Lash
Under 16 Girls – Anja Crombie
Under 18 women – Gisele Howard
Women 40 – Sian Twiddy
Women 45 – Siobhan Griffiths
Women 50 Noreen Crombie
Women 65 – Kathy Howard
Senior women – Megan Grant
Men 35 – Matt Parsonage
Men 40 – Andy Twiddy
Mem 45 – Adrian Lysaght
Men 50 – Kerry Robinson
Men 55 – Chris Lord
Men 60 – Graeme Pearson
Men 65 – Campbell Horn
Men 70 - Peter Bloore
Senior Men – Sam Osborne

Walk event:
Women 20 – Chant Aun
Women 40 – Angela Smith–Bigwood
Men 70 – Rob Colledge

Kerry Robinson strides it out. Photo / Kelly Albrecht
Kerry Robinson strides it out. Photo / Kelly Albrecht