Wheels were whirring and smiles were broad as Rotorua Primary School pupils enjoyed some active fun on their new bike track.

Rotorua Primary School celebrated the grand opening of its Bike Track and Trail on Wednesday.

The school's new bike track and trail, and a fleet of bikes, are a part of the Bikes in Schools programme.

The Bikes in Schools initiative at Rotorua Primary School was funded by the Bike On New Zealand Charitable Trust, and Rotorua Lakes Council helps to facilitate the process for Rotorua Schools to be able to access equipment and build the bike tracks.


Principal Fred Whata said the school was absolutely ecstatic and elated to be having the official opening of the bike track and trail.

"You can just see the positive vibes, wairua and aroha that all of our kids have and their smiles. It's an absolutely auspicious occasion."

Fred says this is the beginning of mountain biking for all of the pupils.

He says there will be a man teaching their kids about bike safety, then the school will take advantage of all the bike areas in the city, before branching out into the mountain biking tracks of the Redwoods and wider community.

"It will build their confidence not just in physical education but mentally as well."

He says there are plenty more exciting things coming up for Rotorua Primary School, including opening its Esports Academy next term and setting up a solar system for renewable energy.

He thanked Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick for taking time out of her schedule to attend the opening.

During the opening Steve Chadwick said it was a beautiful day for an event like this, and she was excited to see the gardens, the playground and the school looking so beautiful.

"The most important thing is for you to get on that little bike today, put your helmet on, and learn how to bike and travel safe.


"This track is going to give you those skills so it is part of your learning, your mahi."

She said she was proud to open this amazing bike track and thanked all those who had a part in making it happen.

"We are all pretty excited about this bike track. Learning how to ride means you can go places, and another great thing about riding a bike is it helps keep you fit and healthy."

Ahli Gillies, 6, enjoyed biking multiple laps of the track at the opening, and said it had been good to get out and ride on it.

She said she liked going fast on the bike and the bumps and curves of the track were fun not scary.

Nathaniel Joseph-Read, 7, said he also loved going fast on bikes.


He said it was exciting to ride on the track and he was thrilled that his school had it.

This is the fourth school in Rotorua the Bike On New Zealand Charitable Trust has supported.