A Covid-19 drop-in clinic will be in Ngongotahā this morning for testing and flu vaccinations.

Testing will be in the car park behind the police station from 10am to 12pm.

Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 or a sore throat is encouraged to drop in.

People with a sore throat aged 3 to 35-years-old are encourage to be tested with a throat swabbed to check for strep A which can lead to rheumatic fever.


Symptoms of Covid-19 are similar to a range of other illnesses such as influenza and do not necessarily mean that you have the virus.

Symptoms include a cough, a fever of at least 38°C, shortness of breath, sore throat, a head cold, temporary loss of smell.

Korowai Aroha nurses will also be at the drop-in centre offering flu vaccinations for priority groups.

These include people aged 65 years and older, hapū māmā, those with chronic medical conditions, children aged four years or under with a history of significant respiratory illness, children under five years who have been hospitalised with measles.

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