A Jersey cow that found itself stuck in a bog was moo-ved along by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council on Friday.

The council's survey team found the bogged cow in the upper Kaituna River last week, the council's Facebook post said.

In true cowboy style, the team lassoed the distressed cow and towed her 200m downstream by boat in reverse.

The girl was then taken on to the boat ramp, where she had a sudden bolt of energy, taking off through a kiwifruit orchard - with tow rope still attached.


Not only that, but a member of the team was also still attached to the rope and was taken "gumboot skiing" as the cow hoofed it.

Thankfully, the cow ended up finding a tasty patch to feed on in the orchard, the tow rope was retrieved and the rescue team was the cream of the crop for the rescue.

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