A local man with a passion for Rotorua is hoping people will start to spot him around town with a special photo frame, and also be willing to share their love for the city.

Vishal launched his I Love Rotorua campaign last week, and the campaign is all about helping to promote Rotorua globally and on a digital platform.

He has created an "I Love Rotorua" photo frame which is easy to carry and transport, and bought a little convertible car to travel around in for the year-long campaign.

He says he will take the photo frame and car to different places around town, where people can take a photo with the frame which will be put on the Vishal's Rotoruacoffeetablebook Facebook page and the rotoruacoffeetablebook Instagram profile.


It will cost a gold coin donation to take a photo with the frame, with all proceeds going to Waiariki Women's Refuge in Rotorua.

"I really want to associate myself a noble cause and so have aligned myself with Waiariki Women's Refuge."

He is hoping the car will stand out and will help people to spot him and the photo frame in town.

Vishal says each week he will keep an eye on the I Love Rotorua photos which have been shared on the social media platforms, and the photo with the maximum likes will receive prizes such as vouchers from different activities around town.

'It's a great way of promoting Rotorua and helping an organisation which is working towards such a noble cause."

Vishal has a passion for Rotorua and says he loves everything about the city.

"I say my soul lives in Rotorua. People ask me to describe Rotorua and I tell them it is like a cocktail of everything - it's a geothermal city of lakes, culture and spa.

"Simply, Rotorua rocks."


Last week he also launched the new version of his book Places of Pride Rotorua Rotovegas of New Zealand, which has an extra seven pages added to the first version.

This book is also helping to promote Rotorua. The seven extra pages include information on Tania Tapsell, Tamati Coffey, Mercia Dawn Yates and Miss Rotorua.

In his third edition he is going to change the title of the book to Places of Pride Rotorua - Geothermal City of Lakes, Culture and Spa.

The books will be available to order soon.