Those who enjoy a thrill can head along to House of Horrors 2019 where hair is sure to stand on end.

This year's House of Horrors, hosted by the Rotorua Youth Centre, is being held from October 10 to 12 with the theme of Madhouse Maze.

Rotorua Youth Centre YouthHub navigator Joel King-Hazel says House of Horrors is an annual event the centre hosts each year.

He says the aim is to provide young people with an exciting and scary event that gives them "an absolute thrill".


The Rotorua Youth Centre is transformed into a maze which young people walk through, guided by a safety team member, and they will enter eight different rooms which are designed to create excitement and fear.

He says this is an event run by youth, for youth.

Joel says there is a design team and its role is to create the theme and rooms.

"We advertise through schools and Facebook to invite young people to join the scare team.

"Usually those that have taken part in the previous years are the ones that come back to take part in the scare team.

"The scare and design team could have anywhere up to 80 people working together to make the event awesome."

Joel says their aim is to provide a fun space during the school holidays for young people to attend a local event.

He says there is a youth development side of the programme for those who came through and are part of the scare team, which is a great plus to the event also.


"The Rotorua Youth Centre will always be a team that is excited to see and gather young people.

"We are simply excited to see young people off the street and taking part in our event. It's an added bonus that we get to jump out and scare the kids!"

He says they have space for more people to be a part of the scare team or for those just keen to get involved in the event itself there are two options for buying tickets.

There is an online option at or see the team at the centre and buy a ticket from there.

The details
- What: Rotorua Youth Centre's House of Horrors 2019
- When: October 10, 11 and 12, 7pm ages 8 plus and 9pm ages 12 plus
- Where: Rotorua Youth Centre
- Tickets: $15, Available at Rotorua Youth Centre or