A local centre that helps people with disabilities get out in the community has fallen victim to a thief.

The volunteer team at St Chad's Charitable Trust turned up to work this morning to find one of their mobility vans without number plates.

Tailored supports co-ordinator Jebraun Clifford said everyone was "disappointed" as it meant around 16 people with disabilities were not able to go out today

She said the van allowed people with wheelchairs to get out and about and the teams took big groups out for activities every day.


Feeling like they were participating in the community brought joy to a lot of the clients, she said.

"People with disabilities already face a lot of challenges, they don't deserve this."

As the centre was a not-for-profit, the cost of new plates would have to come out of something else, which would not be easy, she said.

The theft has been reported to the police.

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