For one tourist, a trip to Huka Falls near Taupō with her son was meant to be one of the many highlights of their vacation.

But when French woman Delphine had her rental car broken into, and her laptop and jacket stolen, the upset tourist caught the attention of a kind Wellington couple who stepped in to help.

According to a Bay of Plenty & Taupō Police Facebook post, they offered their phone for Delphine to lodge a complaint via the Crime Reporting Line.

Enter Taupō constables Ciara Hepburn and Nicole Flaws who were notified of the incident by the people at Huka Falls kiosk and immediately headed to the location.

Inquiries were made to speak to the French Embassy - fortunately Delphine did not lose any passports.

The officers helped her with some queries, arranged a new rental vehicle, and decided to guide the mother and son to the airport.


The policewomen helped to set the GPS and then left her the phone number of the rental company contact.

"All in a day's work for Taupō police! And big thank you to the Wellington couple who helped - wherever you are now," the post stated.

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