Free workshops are coming to Rotorua to foster body compassion and wellness.

The three workshops in the Girl Power Series are Journalling for Creative Wellness, Body Compassion Workshop and The Gratitude Camera Safari.

Mandi Lynn, founder/director of Every Body is a Treasure Charitable Trust and former winner of New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year, is organising the series.

The three workshops are all aimed at mothers and daughters, but anyone can go along.


The first workshop is about journaling to help develop emotional resilience, and the Body Compassion Workshop is for people who may have struggled with body shame and living in their own skin, she says.

These two workshops are on the evening of Friday, August 16. On the Saturday morning is the Gratitude Camera Safari.

This is a project that will be around helping people identify what their strongest values are, and then they are sent out on a photographic adventure to try and represent it in their images, Mandi says.

Those taking part then come back and showcase what they have got.

Mandi says these workshops will help give the parents tools for their parenting toolboxes, and that the workshops will help the children feel more well in themselves. The charitable trust has created a photo exhibition called Every Body is a Treasure and is creating a documentary film called Finding Venus.

"A lot of people are dealing with a lack of emotional fluency . . . the lack of self compassion and emotional understanding were the two key things people were struggling with."

She says one of the reasons she picked Rotorua to hold the series is because her niece lives in Rotorua, the inspiration that began the exhibition and movie.

Mandi says it killed her to see self-doubt in a 5-year-old, and to see her questioning her beauty.


"It is exciting to bring it full circle and bring it to her community. The mothers who bring their daughters say it's one of the best things they've ever done with their daughters."

The series is funded by the Geyser Community Foundation and Rotorua Community Organisation Grants Scheme.

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What: Girl Power Workshop Series
• When: Journalling for Creative Wellness, August 16, 5.30pm to 7pm. Body Compassion Workshop, August 16, 7pm to 9pm. The Gratitude Camera Safari, August 17, 8.30am to 12.30pm
• Where: Rotorua Youth Centre
• Cost: Free