Bakers across New Zealand, including some Rotorua young ones, are preparing to whip up batches of yummy biscuits to support special canines.

The Blind Foundation's Bikkie Day is on next Friday to support guide dogs, a life-changing service entirely funded by charitable donations.

Garden of Life ECE teacher Katie Forrest says Garden of Life likes to help as much as it can within the community and for different organisations.

"Our children do lots of baking with us here so we thought it would be a nice and fun way for them to get involved with the Blind Foundation."


She says the children are going to learn about the Blind Foundation throughout next week, and they will be baking biscuits and selling them at the local shops, in front of Fruit Monster.

Katie says it is important for the children to start learning as much as they can about real-life things from a young age and that the Blind Foundation does so much.

"The Bikkie Day is a fun activity for the children to do while supporting the great organisation behind it."

Some Red Bikkies sold for the Blind Foundation. Photo / File
Some Red Bikkies sold for the Blind Foundation. Photo / File

Garden of Life ECE teacher Seynia Kidwell says her father (Pogo) Celvin Kidwell was fully blind and a member of the Blind Foundation.

"It means a lot doing this, and raising awareness with the tamariki brings closure for myself."

She says the Blind Foundation is a great cause to get behind because there is not enough support and an appeal which needs more awareness.

"I just feel that if my dad was alive he would be proud."

Guide dogs act as the eyes for Kiwis who are blind or have low vision.


They have a big responsibility and are charged with making what could potentially be a life or death decision when navigating hazards.

It takes nearly two years and a significant investment to raise and
train a guide dog.

Starting with a sophisticated breeding programme, their development includes dedicated volunteer puppy raisers to teach them the ways of the busy world we live in, and training and support from specialist trainers.

Blind Foundation Guide Dogs operations manager Wendy Mellberg Haecker says, "Our
guide dogs have big roles, and the positive impact they have on the people they support
who are blind or have low vision is priceless.

"We couldn't do it without the generous support of the public."

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