Ngongotahā iwi leaders have met with developer Martin Schilt to show their support for a proposed Special Housing Area in the suburb.

Ngāti Tura Ngāti Te Ngakau trustees met with Schilt about the development currently awaiting a decision under the Special Housing Accord which is to be repealed in September.

The proposal is for between 80 and 100 houses on a 16ha site at 31 Ngongotaha Rd.

Trustee Geoff Rice said the iwi saw the development as one part of a bigger picture in Ngongotahā's future and they were working with Schilt as mana whenua.


"We're interested in growing and building the community making it better. All the things that sit inside that we support.

"We support housing, why wouldn't we?"

Rice said the iwi had a long-term vision for the area and the special housing area was just one part of that vision.

"It's a work in progress. It's a massive vision, we can't predict how it's going to develop and how long it will take but that's the journey we're on.

"It's all about building wellbeing."

The iwi wants to move the industrial area and its noise out of Ngongotahā.

"We want to upgrade that whole area and make it a good place for our people to be and live ... Everything is about building and making things better for our people and when I say our people that's not just Maori, it's the whole Ngongotahā community," Rice said.

"Long-term is not 20 or 30 years. I'm talking about my grandchildren's, grandchildren's grandchildren."


Te Poari Newton said the iwi saw the development as a chance to provide more housing for the community.

"We've been there for many generations and support this development in its entirety."

The SHA proposal has previously come under fire from members of the community such as Ngāti Ngararanui Hapu Trust and neighbours.