A police unit on patrol in a Rotorua suburb has come across a house on fire tonight.

Senior sergeant Courtney Brunt said police were patrolling when they found the fire.

"At about 5pm police were patrolling in the area and discovered a house on fire. Inquiries have established all the occupants were safely out of the address. The fire service is conducting an investigation as to how the fire started," Brunt said.

A police spokeswoman said police received a call about a house fire on Miller St about about 5pm.


A reporter at the scene said she could see smoke and the road was cordoned off.

She said three fire trucks and four police cars were at the scene.

A witness said the fire started about 5pm.

"We saw the house on fire. The flames were getting pretty high. They were coming out the side of the house."

He said the police arrived before the fire engines.

Police and the fire service on Miller St. Photo / Stephen Parker
Police and the fire service on Miller St. Photo / Stephen Parker

A Fire and Emergency NZ spokesman said two fire appliances and support crew from Rotorua brigade were on the scene and a fire investigator was also on the way to help establish the cause of the fire.

The house was "well involved" when fire crews arrived, he said.

The fire was not out yet but had been "suppressed" as firefighters worked to contain the fire, including removing some of the roofing iron to douse the blaze, he said.


There was no reports of injuries, he said.

Fire and Emergency received multiple 111 calls about 4.50pm, the spokesman said.