A new advocacy group has been formed in Rotorua by emerging local leaders who say it's time for a new voice in town.

Evolve Rotorua was launched this week with the tagline "Shaping Rotorua's Future". It aims to support progressive social and economic projects and policies.

Newly-elected chairwoman Kelly Shrimpton said they hoped to bring people together.

"We want to help showcase policies and ideas that will improve our town, and to facilitate engagement and discussion on the future of Rotorua."


Founding members include Rotorua solicitor Ben Sandford, who sets out the work the group will do,

Initially, the group plans to support initiatives like the lakefront development, the creation of a sports hub, work being done on sustainable food hubs such as through Kai Rotorua, efforts to address community housing needs and promoting Rotorua as a technology hub

Matt Browning, one of the founders of Digital Basecamp, is another of the names behind Evolve Rotorua.

"We believe that in order to contribute to Shaping Rotorua's Future we need to develop and support positive progressive plans and policies that take into account the needs
of all of our community members.

"We have a really vibrant town filled with interesting people and exciting events and activities, and we need to make sure these get the support and attention they deserve."

Evolve is non-political and will not be fronting or supporting any political candidates.

The group has been out talking with local community groups and businesses.

For more information visit the Evolve Rotorua website or find them on Facebook.