It will be a day of music, food, colour and celebration as one of Rotorua's many ethnic groups celebrates a special day.

The Rotorua 2019 Africa Day Celebration is being held tomorrow from 12pm to 3pm at the Linton Park Community Centre.

The event will include performances from the Rotorua African Drumming group, head balancing skills, singing by Miss Teen Rotorua 2018 Azrael Spiryt, an African fashion show, Indian dance and display of African artefacts.

Organiser Faustinah Ndlovu says the day is a celebration of unity for African countries and to celebrate their culture.


"For me too, it's bringing the Rotorua community together and saying, 'here is our culture'."

She says Africa Day is normally celebrated on May 25 all over Africa in most African communities.

Faustinah says there is a big African community in Rotorua, "but we are quite shy".

She says the event will have African outfits, jewellery, musical instrument's and paintings on display.

"It's great for people to have a taste of African culture - food, fashion, music, and we have got all the African outfits."

Faustinah says this event will also be a great time to socialise and network with others.

She says people are encouraged to bring an African meal or some food from their own nationality.

"We just invite people to come along and have taste of our African culture and meet our African community."


Rotorua Multicultural Council president Dr Margriet Theron says the council engages with about 25 different communities.

She says the council runs multicultural lunches once a month, and have probably had about 20 so far, and never repeated the same country or ethnic group.

Margriet says an objective of the multicultural council is to give migrants the opportunity to celebrate and maintain their own cultures and languages.

They provide many events where people can come together, and celebrate and share their culture, she says.

"The second objective is to show Rotorua residents the contributions that these migrants are making and the diversity migrants bring to the Rotorua community."

Margriet says they recently held a Latin American event, where people caught up with those they had not seen in a while or met new people who had come to the country.

She says a Latin American Facebook page for those living in Rotorua has now been set up, and so they keep on building those networks and links.

They hope the same thing will happen after the Africa Day celebration, she says.

She thinks living in a multicultural community is great because it makes life more interesting, there is food to experience from so many different countries, and people bring their skills to New Zealand.

"They also bring the links back to their own countries. Once migrants live here, their families will come visit and it is great for our tourism industry as well."

She encourages people to check out the Africa Day celebration because there will be African music, food, and fashion.

She says Faustinah will also show the traditional way some people have to walk long distances to get to a well or tap, and bring water home by carrying it in a bucket on their head.

The details
- What: Rotorua 2019 Africa Day Celebration
- When: May 18, 12pm to 3pm
- Where: Linton Park Community Centre, 16 Kamahi Pl
- Cost: Free