So, we're on the bandwagon to crucify Israel Folau.

"What's his crime?"

"Pointing condemning finger".

"Where's he pointing?"


"Um, to the word of God, the truth".

"Okay, so your grievance is not with Israel, but with God. You're rejecting His truth which means you don't believe in Him. So you're condemned already, (John 3:18). You're saying you know better which is exactly why Lucifer was cast from heaven into earth as Satan. Dear me, how your attitude keeps him alive and well!

"But he's self righteous!"

"Stop right there! Christians know, or should know, they are only clothed in righteousness because of Christ's grace and forgiveness, and are aware they aren't perfect, nor accepted by everyone, but need to be confident in upholding the whole truth as Apostle Paul urges."

"But he's hateful!!"

"Wait on. How can that be? It is because of his love for our Lord and Maker that he speaks out, understanding the necessity to love and obey Him for the survival of His creation. This love motivates him, even with any imperfection he may have, (we're all imperfect), to motivate you/us to repent so we won't land in the horrors of hell. And you call that hate? The only hate is for the sin, not the sinner.

Who then are the real finger pointing, judgemental, condemning holier than thous?

Israel, in my view, is to be commended for his courage; while we ignorant, disobedient wimps idly luxuriate, fantasising in our fool's paradise

Tom Spence

Hemo Gorge sculpture

I have to agree with Councillor Karen Hunt (News, May 8) when she says that the Hemo Gorge sculpture "is going to be magnificent" because it already is. It's another magnificent example of poor costing and magnificent council budget blowout.

She also comments that artwork is uplifting, not only for its appearance but also for the moods of its residents. Yes, this project has uplifted the moods of residents, but in a bad way. It has upped the ire of so many residents seeing more wasteful spending on something that is going to destroy sightlines, at an already tricky roundabout.

An artist's impression of the Hemo Gorge sculpture. Image / Rotorua Lakes Council
An artist's impression of the Hemo Gorge sculpture. Image / Rotorua Lakes Council

We have been assured that the cost of $743,029 is the final cost, but for months we were assured that the budgeted $500,000 was definitely the total cost. Let's wait and see if this monstrosity can claim a more magnificent budget blowout. The installation has been delayed yet again, so there's plenty of time for additional, unforeseen costs.

Paddi Hodgkiss
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