There were a busy couple of hours last Saturday as people flitted from one arts and community group's stall to another, and enjoyed live performances.

The Arts Village held its annual Arts and Community Expo last Saturday, with stalls from a range of community groups and organisations talking about what they do.

Arts Village director Mary-Beth Acres says they had a great day with 350 people through in the two hours.

"Feedback has been great with lots of happy stallholders - everyone we spoke to made new connections and had a lovely morning here at the village."


She says it was great to meet everyone who ran the stalls for the various groups.

"Most are volunteers and are the beating heart of Rotorua. It was wonderful to put faces to names and talk about our mahi with one another."

Sophie Perry shows a young one how to screen print. Photo / Supplied
Sophie Perry shows a young one how to screen print. Photo / Supplied

Mary-Beth says Arts Village volunteers and staff went around with a tea trolley and biscuits and were able to catch up with all of the stalls.

"We had a shared lunch afterwards for all of the volunteers who attended which is a big highlight for our team.

She says she wants to thank Creative Communities Rotorua for their funding support.

"We would not be able to run this event without their help and it is a wonderful event for our community.

"I also wanted to really thank the more than 100 volunteers, team members, and performers who turned up to deliver this event - we are so proud of everyone and thankful for their amazing work in our community."

Rotorua Yarnbombers assistant co-ordinator Kim Wilson says the expo had been awesome and they enjoyed it.


"It's great exposure and we have been meeting some really great people."

She says the expo is a great event because of the exposure it gives groups, allowing them to connect with people.

"A lot of people out there don't know what community organisations are out there, and something like this brings them all together."

She says it allows to come and see what groups were all about.

Kim says she is a big believer in activities like knitting and mental health.

She says when she knits she goes into a meditative space, and if she is feeling pressured it calms her.

Rotorua Yarnbombers started in 2013 when more than 200 people from the community yarnbombed a significant tree at The Arts Village.

People can find out more information on the Rotorua Yarnbombers Facebook page.