When life gives you lemons, make lemon curd.

That's exactly what children at ABC Kawaha Point have been doing on its monthly Thankful Thursdays.

The day sees them turn donated produce into new foods like jam and curd.

A core part of ABC's curriculum is teaching sustainability by making food with what is available or grown in the garden.


Another important aspect is creating a sense of community and teaching the value of sharing through a donations table where produce and clothes are donated.

The pupils brought these values together and turned fruit and vegetables donated by the whānau and community into jams, relishes and lemon curds on Thankful Thursday this month.

Manager Margaret Day said the children were part of the entire process and showed a lot of enthusiasm.

They made a month-worth of jams and relishes which turned out to be too much for the school of 32 so they took the opportunity to teach the children about giving back.

"We always get given stuff and we want to teach them it's about giving back to others when they need it," Day said.

They put jars on a community take-and-give table outside the school to show their gratitude.

Day said they were hearing the children suggesting things to make on Thankful Thursday and talking about what their family would donate more and more frequently.

With eager fingers trawling through the baskets of donated clothes and fresh fruit, Ariana Evelyn, 3, and her brother Orion, 2, enjoyed seeing what was brought in.


They came to school armed with oranges to make their contribution to the community table.

Their mother Ursula Murray said it was a great idea which incorporated a sense of community and showed sharing is caring.

"It's lovely the kids are part of the process," she said.