With the number of fatalities that are regularly being reported on our roads and no doubt all over the world, I have often wondered why vehicle makers have not incorporated a system whereby all seatbelts must be engaged to allow the vehicle to be started.

I would suggest that it would be an electronic system that would be an immobiliser, and not unlike the system that can be fitted to existing vehicles to prevent theft.

Any or all passengers would need to comply to allow the vehicle to be driven, and one would like to think that the motoring public's acceptance would be another step in the right direction in helping prevent the needless loss of life caused when seatbelts have not been in use.

Gerald A Neale


The Planet's Future

Rachel Stewart (Opinion, April 3) paints a grim picture of our amazing planet's future with the extinction of many species, without which life cannot exist in its current form.

Questions to ask aspiring Mayor and Council candidates could be:

"If elected, how are you going to address the continued use of toxic
weed sprays by the Council, causing damage to the ecosystem of which
we are a part, and the huge waste mountains we are facing and the current denial of these problems needing urgent attention ?"

Joy Maskell


Big price drop?

In a Daily Post article, (News, April 10) Rotorua airport upgrade, Mark Gibb spoke about big price drops in Air New Zealand's regional airfares at the end of February. I would love to experience these. I recently booked a return flight from Rotorua to Wellington to travel in May. The cost? A whopping $378. Where are the price drops, big or small?

Glenda Berriman
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