Rotorua Lakes Council's chief executive is preparing a document outlining issues facing the council, including finances.

The report should encourage people to stand for council and vote in the elections.

The publication of a pre-election report is a legal requirement in the lead-up to the 2019 election.

Prepared by chief executive Geoff Williams, it must be published by August 2, the council's Strategy, Policy and Finance Committee heard at its meeting yesterday.


Corporate planning and governance manager Oonagh Hopkins said the report had two objectives.

"To highlight the financial position and expenditure of the council, but it's also an opportunity to encourage [potential] candidates to stand but also for the community to see what the council is grappling with, what are the challenges ahead and what is the council looking to undertake and have before them over the next three years."

The preparation of the report is in the early stages.

Williams said the report would provide a clear view of the challenges the council was facing.

"[It would look at] the projects and as we outline those we would have to provide information on each of them. Where they are, the challenges around them and what is their current state."

The meeting agenda stated the preparation of the report was not significant.

"However the purpose for what it is used, i.e. [to] encourage candidates to stand and encourage people to vote, has district-wide significance."

At the committee meeting, the members were also given guidance about election protocols during the three months leading up to the election, starting July 12.


Elected members would continue to make decisions as an elected member while campaigning for re-election and must differentiate between the two.

Following the meeting, the council's electoral officer went through the protocols with the councillors.

Hopkins said there would be a chance for anyone who wished to stand to talk with the officer at a later date and get the advice and information they need to stand for council.

Up until yesterday all current councillors except Karen Hunt, Dave Donaldson and Rob Kent had confirmed they would run for re-election.

Yesterday Rob Kent said he was still considering whether he would run for re-election or not.

Hunt confirmed she would "most definitely" be running again and Donaldson also said he would be yesterday.