My husband and I went shopping for birthday presents in the CBD recently. It was raining, but we were enjoying being in town.

We took parcels back to the car and had about 10 minutes to go for our hour. We then decided to go to Starbucks for a coffee and obviously spent longer laughing and enjoying our coffee by 19 minutes.

Get back to the car with a $12 parking ticket attached to our window screen?

It's not about the money; it's the principle. We have decided not to shop in the CBD any more, so here we come Rotorua Mall. Is this why shops are closing down in the central business district? In my view, the Rotorua council needs a kick up the backside for this sort of revenue gathering.


Pauline Burrows

Bring back car parks

I have been a cyclist for many years. At 72 now, I like "flat tracks" and, living at Fairy Springs, my favourite rides are to Ngongotaha and to the Redwoods using the cycle tracks.

I have used the inner city cycle corridor (News, April 7) once and didn't like the confining kerbs and a lot of getting off to cross streets. Riding on the streets in town, the danger is cars backing out and drivers may not see you – need to cycle nearer the centre line. Sometimes at the weekend, I will bike to the library.

I don't think "speed" is an issue – up to 50km per hour – most people would not be going this fast anyway.

My cycling is for pleasure; an outdoor activity to keep one fit.

I always thought the cycleway in the CBD would not be used much. Bring back more parking. (Abridged)

Judith Good
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