The solution to the dumping of rubbish lies mainly with the council. People have not changed but over the years cost restrictions and convenience of removing waste have.

I agree with Katrina Weller (News, January 11). I recall that two dumping tickets were issued with the rates in the distant past

As a preference, these could be redeemed at random or on specific "Dump Days". The cost would be minimal compared to cameras and prosecution. Even an inorganic collection once or twice a year would surely be of less cost and more effective than the haphazard way of dealing with offenders at the moment.

Madge McQuire


Not funny

I agree with your correspondent Jim Adams (Letters, January 8) regarding the Royal Variety Show.

The items were good, a vast improvement on last year's event, but comedians? No.

When one based his item on bodily functions I mentally curled up in embarrassment, turning to another channel. Have these people no sense of decorum? Suggest that next year they leave comedians from the list.

A N Christie

Skip bins needed?

Perhaps it's time for the council to leave skips at certain locations for people to fill with unwanted castoffs.

Do we continue to pour money and labour into picking up after the event, or do we try and prevent it?

Do the maths. Should we make it easier and cheaper to get rid of rubbish, or let people without conscience continue to abuse the environment?

Either way it's going to cost.


Lesley Haddon

Well done

I want to thank Gay Kingi and the Opera in the Pa Trust for putting together such an impressive and enjoyable evening's entertainment. Sol3 Mio stole the show, but all the performers were outstanding and should be proud of their talent.

Thank you too, Turanga Merito for your engaging MC-ing.

Well done all involved, and I look forward to a repeat event next year and years to come.

Paddi Hodgkiss
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