I have always loved cities that span a lake or a river, there is something extremely attractive about water; here in Rotorua we are indeed fortunate, we have several lakes including one that is right on our doorstep.

This lake – Rotorua - is relatively clean - apart from the odd McDonald's wrapper or foam coffee cup, and if we are to continue to enjoy this "clean" water feature then it is paramount that nothing happens to it to alter that status and this means not adding semi-treated sewage to it.

The last thing we need is Rotorua developing another "pong", the one we have - courtesy of the thermals - is sufficient.

Take note: Elections not far away. And I just may be standing for council.


Jim Adams
Fairy Springs

Virgin birth a fact of nature

The claim that the biblical account of the circumstances of Mary's pregnancy and the conception of Jesus is mythological on a par with Santa Claus (Brian Rudman and cartoon by Bromhead, Rotorua Daily Post, December 14) appears to me to have been made without researching certain facts of nature.

While the manner of Jesus' conception is puzzling to many, especially secular materialists, it is most certainly not an impossibility from a scientific perspective.

Parthenogenisis (meaning virgin origin reproduction without sexual intercourse) is a fact of nature.

Today more than 2000 species are known to reproduce parthenogenically. It is found to occur mainly in the lower order of both plants and animals and there are a few reports of its extremely rare occurrence in humans.

Thus it is perfectly believable that a loving god, through the agency of his holy spirit could create the right circumstances to allow his entry as the son Jesus into the world he created in the humble, human form of a baby via the virgin Mary as described in the Bible.

David Preest