The Rotorua Lakes Council magazine, Tatau Tatau, shows a detailed map of the proposed new-look Lakefront.

At present we have a wonderful road that goes through the Lakefront and which is used by thousands of tourists, local cars, ratepayers and tour buses each week, to park and spend a very pleasureable time relaxing and admiring our lake.

Accordng to the council booklet, we do not need this pleasure and the council, in its wisdom, is going to completely remove this road - and also our pleasure.

The council says there will be alternative parking to replace what's taken away.


Don't they care that the elderly, disadvantaged people, those pushing prams, or just trying to show young children the lake will no longer be able to do this without a long walk?

And when it rains, that removes the Lakefront from our pleasure altogether.

I just hope that those who voted for this live long lives and they can then realise what they are missing out on, because they too won't be able to sit in their car and enjoy what they voted to get rid of. (Abridged)

Raymond Pearce Sykes

Wasteful thinking on wastewater

Recently, an article in the Rotorua Daily Post (Local News, November 24) stated wastewater could be pumped into Lake Rotorua.

Wastewater is the end product of treated sewage. I believe there are still nutrients in the treated sewage, that is why it was directed into the forests so it would be absorbed into the ground and not the lake, as it used to be.

Now that it is going to be put back into the lake, the lake will be polluted again.

Millions of dollars have been spent cleaning up the lake, and millions spent treating the sewage and putting the end product into the forest.

It only needs one breakdown in the system. One flood or one earthquake to undo all that has been gained by those millions spent cleaning it up. (Abridged)

Cath Gray

Welcome stance on Lake Rotorua

I am so glad that Te Arawa Lakes Trust has stood up and opposed the council in discharging treated wastewater into Lake Rotorua (Local News, December 4).

The trust is right in its view the lake is not a toilet - it should be the diamond in the crown of jewels.

As for the mayor's statement that the treated wastewater would be the cleanest water entering the lake including all streams - does she think we all came down in the last shower of rain?

To me it is a commonsense decision that animals don't poo in their own nest and neither should we.

The normal Joe Bloggs hasn't got a show standing up to the council but when a trust stands up to them it makes waves and not the effluent kind.

Gavin Muir

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