A family tragedy was the inspiration behind new Rotorua business owners getting behind Movember 2018.

The month, and fundraising campaign, drew to a close yesterday and possibility resulted in supermarkets nationwide, seeing razors roll out the door.

For the team at Tyre Works Mega, Movember meant a lot.

"My partner Keith Silkstone and I bought Tyre Works Mega Rotorua about three months ago," new co-owner Lauren Te Pair said. "As well as wanting to be more involved with the local community, we believe it's important to support causes we feel strongly about.


"We chose to start with Movember as I lost my 27-year-old cousin to suicide a year ago and almost all of our staff have been affected by losing important men in their lives."

She said her cousin's suicide had been particularly hard to take as, six months afterward, his partner also took her life.

"It's been a tough journey for the family and one of the biggest drivers in our Movember involvement. I believe so many men don't talk about things and they need to."

Te Pairi said staff at both Tyre Works Rotorua and the Mount Maunganui Tyre Works store had agreed to grow moustaches.

"I think Jaydin from the Rotorua store has the most impressive moustache," Te Pairi laughed. "But he hates it."

She said her partner looked decidedly seedy wearing his moustache.

For the month of November all puncture repairs were free and in turn, the owners requested that customers who were willing, made a donation towards Movember.

"We matched our customer donations dollar for dollar and have reached $2290 in donations across our two stores. Doubling this brings the total to $4580 for the Movember foundation."


Because the fundraiser has been such a success, Tyre Works is looking at more options for fundraising next year.

"One of our ideas is to hire out our tyre shop for a day. We will work with a local school and lend out our premises and staff to them for a day for fundraising.

"All fitting costs [$20 per tyre] will be donated to the school. If we do 100 cars – we can raise $8000 in a day, plus whatever else the school can raise in car washes, sausage sizzles and raffles."

Te Pairi has asked any schools wanting to fundraise to get in touch.

Robert Dunne, New Zealand Movember manager, said the 2018 campaign was shaping up to be the most successful for both participation and funds raised.

"To think we've been chipping away at raising funds for men's heath for 13 or 14 years, and to have this year be the most successful, is incredible.

"We are so appreciative of the support we have had, and continue to have, from all round the country."