They say you can judge a community by how it treats its most vulnerable.

So what better way to showcase Rotorua's sense of community than through this year's

Rotorua Daily Post

Christmas Appeal.


Today, we launch our annual six-week appeal to collect as much food and money as we can for the Salvation Army Rotorua Foodbank.

It's my first year being involved in this annual appeal but looking back on our archives it seems it brings out the best in our community.

Everyone, everywhere, from schools to retirement villages has opened their pockets in previous years to give generously to those who would otherwise go without, and I'm hoping this year is no different.

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Rotorua Daily Post launches Christmas Appeal

Tough times can happen to any one of us – at any time and we, as a community, have the power to help those who need it.

Today, and over the next six weeks, my colleagues and I will bring you reasons why this appeal is so important.

Some stories will be happy and joyous as community members band together to give from their heart and their pantries.

Others will have a more serious tone as we portray the difficulties some people face.


Officers at the Salvation Army have told me the appeal isn't about one-upping last year's record fundraising efforts which saw more than $82,000 worth of items donated.

But today I put the challenge to you to get as close to those efforts as possible, to get the Christmas spirit rolling, to reach into your pockets and pantries to help those who need it and to make everyone's Christmas special.

It's as easy as donating a can of sweetcorn.