Crossfitters from all over New Zealand will be put to the test in Rotorua this weekend.

New Zealand's first same gender pairs crossfit competition - 2TOA Aotearoa - is being held by Crossfit Rotorua on Friday and Saturday. The name 2TOA translates to "two-person strength".

Friday's events will be held at Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake), where athletes will be put through an afternoon full of metabolic conditioning - testing their lung capabilities. Saturday's events are at Rotorua's Energy Events Centre, testing gymnastic movements, weightlifting and more.

Crossfit Rotorua owner and 2TOA organiser Munro Waerea said more than 200 teams were entered in the event, an increase of about 60 from last year, the first time the event was held.


There are six divisions, providing for athletes with all levels of experience: teens, beginner, intermediate, advanced, RX and masters.

Waerea said the key to the success of last year's event was everything running to time.

"It's more fine tuning everything this year. The biggest thing last year was the timing, we were able to nail that. The focus for this year is to maintain that, but also make the whole event as spectator-friendly as possible," Waerea said

"You go to a lot of competition and it looks a bit messy. We want this one to be appealing to the spectators, so they can get a clear visual of who's in the lead."

He said the event was a chance to showcase Rotorua.

"We want the athletes to get a good workout, a great competition and overall experience, but we want to show what Rotorua has to offer as well. That's why we take them out to the Blue Lake."

Crossfit Rotorua owner Munro Waerea. Photo / File
Crossfit Rotorua owner Munro Waerea. Photo / File

Among the competitors will be a number of athletes well known in Kiwi crossfit circles. Auckland's Tegan Bartlett, Waiuku's Jack Laker and Rotorua's own Riley and Bailey Martin have all competed at the Crossfit Games, Rotorua teen Anja Jennings and Gisborne teen Tuteari Te Rauna-Lamont both finished top in their age groups for New Zealand in the Crossfit Open this year and Gemma Root was the top New Zealand woman in the Crossfit Open.

Waerea said, to do well in the competition, athletes would need to have a high level of fitness and strength, as in any crossfit competition, but the pairs aspect meant teamwork and strategy were equally as important.

"They need to be well rounded and able to work in a team. They have to communicate with one another and keep the reps ticking over during the workouts.

"[The feedback] last year was all positive. People loved the workouts and the venue. The workouts are pretty similar to last year, with a couple of points of difference. Part of crossfit is being prepared for the unknown."

He said the range of categories to compete in meant there was something for everyone.

"The beginners category makes up about 30 per cent of the total athlete pool and we hope people come to watch and see that anyone can do crossfit.

"Crossfit has been around for a while now, but there's still stereotypes that it's only for elite athletes or that you have to be fully fit before you start. We always get people saying 'I need to get fit before I start', but that's why you go to crossfit, to get fit.

"This is a chance for people to come and see there is a range of different difficulty levels and that there is something for everyone."

About 100 volunteers will working behind the scenes as judges, officials and setting up to make the event run smoothly.

"Without them we wouldn't have a competition. They are critical and we can't operate without them, so a huge shout out to them," Waerea said.

• For more information go to or search 2TOA Aotearoa on Facebook.