Survey residents - if you dare

All this hoo-ha over whether the Lakefront gets $40m spent on it could be settled very easily.

A poll of ratepayers, that is binding, would end any further arguing and at least be what the majority want. The council have all our addresses and they know our names so what's to stop them from asking their bosses for their input?

I would say they would be pleasantly surprised if they actually had the intestinal fortitude to do it. I bet they haven't!


Don't come up with the excuse that it would cost too much. Because you are talking about $40m being spent here!

Come on all you councillors, show us that democracy is alive and well in our neck of the woods in God's own country.

Do it, I dare you! (Abridged)

Rod Petterson

Hands off, China

Water is one of our most important commodities, during the summer months many parts of our country run very short of water.

If the Government feels we have enough of it then, by all means, sell it - but let us bottle it and export it, there is absolutely no justification in allowing Chinese companies free and clear access to it, it is ours - we Kiwis, who own the water, so hands off China, buy water if you wish, we will happily sell it to you - $5 a litre, collect it at the docks or pay for its shipment!

Jim Adams

What about plastic?


While I object to the selling of our water reserves to overseas company's to make a profit from, what is worse is they are sending millions of plastic bottles from New Zealand that will probably end up not being recycled.
Chriss Taylor