You are so right Merepaka. Funerals do show different lives (Opinion, September 13).

As Aunty Bea made her last journey out of Te Takinga Marae, the thousands there to farewell her contemplated this remarkable woman's gift to our city.

The contribution made by Aunty Bea to greater cultural understanding and togetherness within our city has been immense.

Her understanding and patience in helping us all better understand Te Ao Maori and the massive contribution such understanding will make to our daily lives, was massive .


Her work among Rotorua schools at all levels - preschool to tertiary - is legendary.

It was not only the tuition she provided but, most importantly, the manner in which it was delivered.

She was such a thoughtful, considerate educator, totally aware of the students' position regardless whether that person was a little 5-year-old or an aging Pakeha principal of a school.

She was non judgemental, quietly urging for greater effort and application, possessing of a most engaging sense of humour and a passion that ignorance is no excuse .

She engaged herself in huge projects that made significant difference to the lives of many. Her contribution was always - always - characterised by fairness, generosity of spirit and a determination to change things.

Aunty Bea has left this city in better position than when she arrived

Her contribution of greater understanding, a total belief in everyone's ability to achieve and her intense support of all members of the human race will live for many years to come in the city she loved.

Every week was Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori for Beatrice.


Jim McTamney
Mount Maunganui

Rubbish problem solved

I note with interest the recent comment from Barry Grouby (Letters, September 11) as follows "One issue is you can only fill your bin to its maximum so no room for overflow,
whereas in the old days you put it in another rubbish bag. Problem solved".

Barry has neglected to point out that the new red lid bins actually hold about twice the quantity of the old paper rubbish bags, and even more when you consider that recyclable material is now put into a larger separate bin (yellow lid) rather than the red-lid rubbish bin.

You can also actually tilt the bin lid to accommodate rubbish above the top edge as long as this is not loose or likely to blow away.

If you have more than one bin a week you are creating too much waste and should change your ways or be prepared to pay, and as well save the trees we cut down to make large paper bags for disposal.

Now the problem is solved.

Garry Owen